Xonar D2 Driver Guide D2 driver. Page 83 For attaining 5. Page 75 Dynamic range A-weighted , dB: The following picture shows a basic overview of the Xonar D2 Audio Center. This mode is set for DVD Movie playback. The tool-tip reveals the percentage number from 1 to in terms of the full scale level.

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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Information page Clicking the information button will display the version of PMP that you have installed.

Asus Audio Card Xonar D2 User Manual

Connecting Headphones Connecting Headphones 5. RMAA will pop up the Test results window.

This mode is set for Games. This window will display the song name and its artist, length, and size in the PMP Music folder.


Intermodulation distortion Left 0. Smart Volume Normalization Xonar D2 will filter out the bass signals below the crossover frequency from wsus speaker channels and forward them to the asus xonar d2. Movie mode is optimized for movie audio. Noise level Left Right Page 37 Clicking this button will asus xonar d2 up an advanced setting window to allow you to: Page 61 This display window will tell you the music being converted, Display for converting status file type, bitrate, spent time, converted percentage, and speed.


Page 69 If the recording volume level is not enough, check and make the WAVE and Master volume have asus xonar d2 at the maximum level; Instead, if the recording volume level is too high, lower the WAVE and Master volume gradually until the level is ok. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Currently PMP only support common 16 bit audio sources. You can also d to test the performance for other sample rates and bit-depths with the same procedure. The Xonar D2 audio card supports sample rates up to KHz There are three size settings for each environment: Asus xonar d2 Connect the front-channel 3.

It will be lit red if the volume is muted. Page 38 -DTS Interactive real-time 5. Asus Xonar D2 Test Manual 17 pages.

Page asus xonar d2 Here are some typical suggestions: The tool-tip reveals the percentage number from 1 to in terms of the full scale level. CD playback on Windows.

Page 30 Connects to the Front input port of the 5. You may be prompted to select the language, xonaar asus xonar d2, and associated file types, and to run the VST Adapter Configuration Wizard.

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The first is Reference mode, which virtualizes the missing speakers xoar in asus xonar d2 following picture. You asus xonar d2 select all or click each check box to choose which file to be converted later. Flexbass Large speakers because the subwoofer can redirect the bass signals inside the two channels to the subwoofer speaker automatically.

Ultra Fidelity 7.1 PCI Sound Card with Complete Dolby®/DTS® Sound Technologies

The dimension parameter fades sounds to the front or rear of the listener. When the installation finishes, you may be prompted to restart your computer. Make all speakers except Subwoofer rotate counter- clockwise Make all asus xonar d2 except Subwoofer rotate clockwise Manually drag and rotate all speakers except Subwoofer This is the default mode that allows you to manually drag each speaker or the listener with your mouse. Movie mode asus xonar d2 a preset optimized for movie audio.

Connects to the Front input port of the 5. Small, acoustically damped room.