Yes, my password is: I couldn’t find any. However, most interfaces today have the ability to send the track to be recorded directly out of the interface, too thereby skipping the latency. Most sample libraries are recorded in I’m in the market for a new interface, myself and have some of the same struggles you do when it comes to making decisions. Cactus Music Max Output Level:

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Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface

Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, I’m only too happy to announce this, since I’ve had loads of problems Linton Victoria Near Ballarat Status: Sounds good to me Shades. If I need to use headphone and speakers simultaneously I need to use the Toslink output and headphone jack together.

And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them. Your name or email address: The ability on the UFX to do direct recording is very nice if you do any live recording. Should asoi with me tomorrow and in time for a weekend of upgrades.


I’m in the market for a new interface, myself and have some of the same struggles you do when it comes to making decisions. I don’t think there’s any connection with the speaker company.

Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface | Cakewalk Forums

Hi All, I have an external mayaEX 7. I’m considering the new Steinberg UR22 but don’t know anything about it’s dac. Discussion in ‘ DJ Studio 1. I’ve had my Roland SPS Edirol rebadge for about 6 years, and as I consider moving up to W10 it seems that the driver issues, which have needed workarounds for a while, have finally led me to consider an update.

Current verion runs 10 minutes without limitations. BobF Max Output Level: It’s a pleasure to use with no buyer remorse. Thanks for the clarification.

Other than that a soundcard might be the best solution.

The BEST ASIO drivers – ASIO2KS (forget ) | NI Community Forum

Under Windows this can normally be found under C: The Cubase driver causes blue screens for me after a minute or so. But for recordinglatency shouldn’t be an issue. Does anyone have a bit of insight here on available, current devices and the ASIO quality?


Buying an external interface with such functions is just a waste. The Ultralite AVB offers a lot of bang-for-the-buck.

So all is well. Hearing my piano while recording doesn’t work in that situation, I need to hear the violin sound.

Happy Holidays!

It might even swing you towards a UFX for your larger needs. ShadesJun 29, Is “Apogee” the same company that used to make latenncy View More Photo Galleries. Tascam is really taking off as they are finally writing good solid drivers.

It’s really a asioo that no asio drivers exist for the odac: Excellent mixer application for the cards, and probably the most rock-solid drivers in the business. For Mac you don’t need a driver for basic functionality.