Software links and more! Edited by Micd77 Thursday, July 9, 7: Wednesday, July 8, 5: Wednesday, July 8, 6: What are the details of your project? This should get you started:

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Brh by Micd77 Thursday, July 9, 7: I’m making a communications program and i’m at the point where i need to connect to my bluetooth headset. Tuesday, July 7, Sign in to vote. The process involves using setupapi.

Well, the part that has to do with this thread? I’m not rly sure how much of this works because I barely started working with bluetooth and I havent had much work with it lately.

Communication with a bluetooth device is done using the System. I’m trying to search for devices, decide if they are headsets both of those objectives are met btw then connect and exchange audio data, possibly get button status. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t or can’t be done.

Download Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)

It was NOT directed at you. But all my searches ended up on information unrelated to VB and bluetooth js devices. I searched the forum for “rfcomm” and only came up with one thread: I’m thinking maybe i should try the guid you suggested 4d36eece-bfcbe to connect to the bluetooth headset. It’s always been the mobile phone that is connected.


I’m mainly looking for some tutorials on how to use bluetooth audio devices with my apps like I said beforewhich alot of you are probably thinking “just use 32feet. I’ve never heard of anyone connecting the earpiece or headset and using it as the interface.

It uses the HID technique, which is another popular way to get at Bluetooth devices which involves using no Bluetooth, or other socket communications. In fact, you will be shown the very ugly side of USB plug and Me, and also What are the details of your project? From what I’ve found out about sockets they seem pretty handy so I’d be rly grateful if someone could help me learn this stuff.

Tuesday, July 7, 1: Remove From My Forums. Monday, July 6, Wednesday, July 8, 6: It shows up in BlueSoleil as a service of the cell phone, which looks like part of the Bluetooth piconet in XP.


Edited by Micd77 Tuesday, July 7, That is likely to be a chore in any language, but I’ve learned a few things about that in the past rfcmom of months.

Microsoft Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) Free Driver Download

My Kensington under Vista does not work quite the same way I can connect to most bluetooth devices but cant connect to headset devices to exchange audio data. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Brian Peek has a nice article that demonstrates using a Wiimote from managed VB. Edited by Micd77 Monday, July 6, Wednesday, July 8, 9: So far I can find devices and get data on them but I cant connect or get signal strength.