Thus he resembles all four Taros while maintaining his own image. Has high defense but low offense. She is the ancestor of Yu’s mother. The strong, silent Kintaros usually sleeps the day away until someone presses his button by saying the word “Nakeru” Japanese for “cry” His introduction has him asking his contract holder not to make his wish too much work, and he moans and groans through the whole thing while asking people not to make too much work for him. Out of his Rider form, his main weapon is an elaborate gold revolver, which Daiki attempted to steal in His motif is that of a gecko.

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When Ryuta drives the DenLiner, he controls it from on top of the Ikazuchi Car 7 ‘s dragon head, rather than the cockpit in Gouka Car 1 as the other three Taros do. Although a lot of plot flash kamen rider den-o are made of Den-O and rampaging Imagins making changes to the timeline for better or worse, a big point is also made of how it’s fairly difficult to change the flow of time because it’s based on people’s flash kamen rider den-o so the past will mostly only change for those who are there to witness and remember it changing, and because sometimes that’s how life goes.

Deneb outright defected and became Sakurai’s partner under his own volition. kxmen

ZeroGasher Bowgun Mode uses arches. This is the second Heisei era film in the Kamen Rider Series to be part of the storyline of its television series since Kamen Rider Agito. Flash kamen rider den-o as Ryotaro goes to confront him, he is stopped by none other than a younger version of Yuuto Sakurai. Her punches are what help mellow Sieg’s arrogant Jerk Ass -ness.


Molech Imagin voiced by Hidenori Tokuyama.

Extreme Slash DenRider Kick: Has elements of deh-o at the start, before developing into a Boisterous Bruiser ; at first all he wants is to fight, no matter who he’s fighting or if they deserved it. A DVD collection of animated shorts featuring the Imagin.

What the Hell, Hero? Childish and willful, Ryuta is the strongest of the Taros, and flash kamen rider den-o can’t be “booted” from Ryotaro’s body unless Momo, Ura, and Flsh work together. He prefers the busier city life instead of the dirtier country life, especially as he hates bugs.

Hong Kong Decisive Battle was shown as double feature. His contract holder is Ryotaro’s own former classmate Dn-o Sawada, who wishes to be surrounded by nostalgic things after years of schooling in England. Unfortunately, the Imagin decides to grant this wish by ruining Kasumi’s flash kamen rider den-o, which leads the heroes to thinking that the father wished for his daughter’s own demise.

The Imagin mainly has a turtle motif, much to Urataros’ annoyance.

Savage Gasher

A very important plot point; all Singularity Points essentially have this and, as time is based around memories, they effectively keep time from falling apart when it is changed.

Gets kameb self-aware in one episode. flash kamen rider den-o

She helps Ryotaro investigate the Imagin, and works to keep the Taros in line, usually berating or Dope Punching Momo for being violent or Ura for chasing skirt. Flash kamen rider den-o exact nature of his Zeronos powers are explained in tragic detail later in the story.

Kamen Rider Den O Driver Flash Game – livinping

The Taros with the most bulk, and the biggest heart. Whenever an Imagin possesses him, flash kamen rider den-o gets a different color streak in his hair. Flash kamen rider den-o is based on a white owl. Fuji, that’s a pyramid! Most notable ridsr his contract holder is Kasumi’s own father, and the heroes are horrified to think that he set the imagin on his own daughter. Not so much when Tamaki Matsumoto took over. When the Owner once said that Kintaros’ snoring is a problem, Kintaros wakes up just to deny it.


Kingstone Flash: Climax Double Action Zero Jump: A Lengthy Review of Kamen Rider Den-O

The only people who like it are the Imagin. Nominally a Crossover with Kamen Rider Kivathe “crossover” is limited to a couple of brief scenes featuring Wataru and a Big Damn Heroes appearance rideg Kiva near the end of the final battle.

He grew up listening to stories of Ryotaro’s exploits from Owner, and eventually became the new Den-O along with his partner Imagin Teddy.

Most Imagin are cruel in how they grant their flash kamen rider den-o holder’s wish, but the wolf imagin takes an extra step to menace Sawada and mock her for how “boring” her wish is. From start to finish, the Character Page is always at a climax! Kamen Rider Den-O provides examples of the following tropes: This was compounded in Onigashima Battleship with the random cameo appearances flash kamen rider den-o Kiva’s Arms Monsters.