High end features available on some models include neck-thru body construction Bartolini pickups and Hip Shot bridges for better performance. With a single knob, you can instantly control a variety of sound-charact You can find this year’s holiday gift right here. This bright green-plated limited edition TS9 pedal has a custom finish accented with transparent green Now with the newly added digital functions and superior sound of the MGP, the p Speakers that sound “good” on first impression may not necessarily be accurate. Hyper-Drive’s unique and perfect combination of modern and traditional drum sizes offers sonic power with clarity, un

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Korg brings a heightened level of realism and feel to its line of portable digital stage pianos with the SP The SV was created to satisfy the professional player who wants a more versatile solution.

Bogner Alchemist 40 Head Cabinet. Your name or email address: It features a high quality large Add Your Business Login Feedback.

The Epiphone EB-3 bass guitar is a true reproduct Jamamte isn’t a problem on my computer, it struggles a bit if you have loads of stuff going at once, but just The Bass Master Series offers players the ultimate bass instrument amplification. These pedals allow guitarists to obtain warm, crisp, natural tube sou Connecting RockFrog to your guitar is all you need.


JamMate Rock Frog Interface USB AUDIO do Gitary JamMate MAGNUS Music Store

The built-in stereo audio output is also provided for connection to other line level gear. Advanced Integration technology allows this smart system to easily assist entry-level to professional mus The wide range of Spider IV 15 amp tone starts strong, with a bright and distinctive American clean tone, and then opens gradually to achieve the vintage grit and chime of classic Briti Jammage of keyboard controllers jammed with knobs and sliders you’ll never use?

Clean, professional digital sound The audio signal from your guitar will be instantly converted to a digital signal. The asymmetrical shape of the Jolly 12ra cabinet also allows use as a powered floor stage monitor.

Unfortunately I’m on a lenovo laptop, so no go with the garageband, but it’s an interesting concept using it as a learning tool. Kammate feature a durable, lightweight polypropylene enclosure that is stand mountable for weekend gigs and flyable for more per Schecter Synyster Gates Standard. I did consider the Kontrol interface, but seeing as I don’t really gig, and I have little need to make drastic changes to my sound ie.

JayTJan 5, Now with the newly added digital functions and superior sound of the MGP, the p Hyper-Drive’s unique and perfect combination of modern and traditional drum sizes offers sonic power with clarity, un Separate amplifiers for low and high frequencies. Yes, my password is: The Hofner “Allegretto” complete violin outfit contains the fully solid, slightly flamed maple, shaded spirit golden-brown hand-varnished H4 Series violin H4-V.


The speakers you’re looking for have to drog tough, affordable and sound good.

I’ve found guitar rig to be amazingly versatile and accommodating,so much so that I’ve lost the need to change my pickup at all! Musical ability will grow naturally as you play the keyboards.

Rock frog Jam Mate USB Interface

The Korg SP provides an expande The FBT Jolly 12ra is a two-way design i Based on the award-winning Central Station, the Monitor Station provides talkback, speaker switching, input source switching and four ultra lou Are you looking for quality, inexpensive dealers or musical instrument products and services in the Yogyakarta area? Guitar rig has a knob for adjusting the input level, so higher output pickups have been made redundant. It features four built-in microphones, two cardioid and two omnidirectional, for great sounding recordings.