February 11, 2020

Going forward, Wind River will look to continue to improve on the versatility of VxWorks as both a forward fit and retrofit solution. The Platform is based on VxWorks AE, a fully ARINC Supplement 1 compliant operating system, which enables application of different safety levels to share computing resources and is also specifically designed to support complex, partitioned applications such as the refueling project. This saves millions of dollars for large commercial aircraft and reduces the risk and the time to re-certify a platform,” said Downing. This page was last edited on 2 September , at More On This Topic. Wind River does not disclose customer version numbers for VxWorks , so Downing was not able to say what version of VxWorks — the 2.

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Not only does this provide major RTOS capabilities in-flight, it also can help systems integrators save development costs when producing a new cockpit avionics package or when developing a retrofit solution. ARINC does not specify how the scheduler should behave if the error handler does not stop a faulty process.

ARINC – Wikipedia

This tool qualification vastly reduces the testing required to change XML configurations, according to Downing.

Wind River does not disclose customer version numbers for VxWorksso Downing was not able to say what version of VxWorks — the 2. In some theoretical cases, this could lead to an infinite loop between the faulty process and the error handler. Helionix, featuring VxWorksis also used on the certified Airbus H and H civilian rotorcraft platforms.

To learn more, visit Wind River at www. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Within each partitionmultitasking is allowed. In that case, the RTOS scheduler will elicit the next process with the highest priority.


Charter Flights And Wi-Fi: Using our robust partitioning capabilities these larger, harder-to-certify OS partitions can be separated from flight-critical applications that demand a higher Design Assurance Level DAL for operations,” said Downing. Founded inWind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide.

This same robust partitioning analysis also enables the insertion of new capabilities into a VxWorks environment without forcing a re-test of the entire platform — only the scope of the changed software needs to be tested. About Wind River Wind River is the market leader in device software optimization.

Flying Secure in Today’s Aviation Environment. Retrieved from ” https: It allows the hosting of multiple applications of different software levels on the same hardware in the context of an Integrated Modular Avionics architecture. Avionics Magazine recently caught up with Chip Downing, senior director of aerospace and defense at Wind River, to discuss the role of VxWorks for Helionix, as well as how the company is continuing to improve on the original platform, which has been used in more than programs on more than 75 aircraft.

This saves millions of dollars for large commercial aircraft and reduces the risk and the time to re-certify a platform,” said Downing. The Transient Nature of Digital Design. How To Stay On Top. This page was last eindriver on 2 Septemberat Each partition has to handle its own memory still under the constraints ainc memory partitioning enforced by ARINC By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity in Aviation. All other names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective companies.

Each application software is called a partition and has its own memory space. The process error handler is a preemptive process of the highest priority dedicated arimc handle partition exceptions. However, there are differences between the two standards. Wind River enables companies to develop and run software faster, better, at a lower cost and more reliably.

Entering the IDLE state is irreversible for the partition. This makes porting software from legacy environments or lab environments much easier.

Wind River VxWorks 653 Providing Power for Airbus Helionix

Wind River Platforms tightly integrate a rich set of market-leading operating systems, development tools and middleware with services to wondriver a complete foundation that meets the specific requirements of a vertical market. Arnc use of ARINC allows avionics vendors and hosted function suppliers to deploy multiple applications onto a sing multi-core enabled hardware platform while meeting system compliance standards such as DOC, DO and DO It can be called by any process in the partition.

In addition, we have an multi-core ARM solution targeting an IEC certification environments, so we will very soon have a rich selection of supported processors for our certification solutions,” Downing told Avionics Magazine.