January 18, 2020

Dolby Headphone is compatible with all types of audio on your PC and is so realistic you will believe you are listening over speakers in a well-controlled listening room. B-Enspirer swung for the fences with the B-Enspirer. We have no open box units available at this time. Click the link, set a password and you’re ready to go. Whichever sound optimization a given game uses, with the B-Enspirer, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of luscious 3d environmental sound.

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The B-Enspirer does not only support multiple sound optimizations but it rnspirer supports bit and bit Windows. Reviewer Nickname Leave blank for anonymous. Create my account Continue as Guest.

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Print Version Of Article. Enumerating the orgy of functions included in this high-end sound card here would be pedantic and exhausting.

Enjoy full support for all of the most important audio technologies. The bottom line is that the Bluegears B-Enspirer includes all the important features necessary for high quality audio processing.


Bluegears B-Enspirer bit Sound Card –

Good for disguising voice for VoIP applications and for pitch shifting in Karaoke. With this technology, you can turn your stereo audio into a convincing multichannel audio experience. Processes stereo movie and music content into five playback channels of full-bandwidth surround sound. Enables a single digital cable connection to carry high quality Dolby Digital 5.

This is a serious audio processor with a maximum of 7. Email Article To Friend. By putting the layout of your speakers into the included Oxygen HD software bleugears sound field is automatically optimized for the room you are in.

Home Sound Cards Bluegears b-Enspirer. Creates a stunning multichannel surround bluegeafs over ordinary stereo headphones. Bluegears has included C-Media’s unique Karaoke function to support microphone echo and key-shifting.

This is a great feature when playing Divx or MPG movies off your computer. We have no open box units available at this time. The first and only technology to process any native stereo or 5.


Bluegears B-Enspirer 24-bit Sound Card

Thank you for submitting your review! This technology simulates a highly realistic 5.

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the features this PCI sound card has to offer: Speaking of videos, the B-Enspirer boasts theater quality audio performance. Reviewer Email Please include if you would like a response.

My Account My Orders. Please share your review with us. In other words, this is the chip that makes the magic happen.

Bluegears b-Enspirer

These items have the same guarantees as full-price products. The B-Enspirer can adapt your sound to your environment. Full 3D Sound Support: B-Enspirer swung for the fences with the B-Enspirer. Today we will be looking at the b-Enspirer by Bluegears to see what it has to offer.