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February 17, 2020

Download high-res product image: In contrast the club does offer the largest face in any golf driver, which when coupled with the larger sweet-spots does increase the forgiveness of off-centre hits. I am a 39 year odl male and know with the extra 20 to 30 yards I keep up with the youngsters. To allow for ideal weighting, every King Cobra L5V comes with a swingweight screw that helps balance the clubhead with the shaft. The L5V is a completely different animal and plays like one as well. The L5V is more forgiving and has a much more solid sound and feel to it. For those that have a L4V and are looking to go with a L5V you are most likely going to have to go with a different set up.

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If the sound really bothers you, there’s a weight plug in the back that you can remov e cobraa then fill with a few ripped up cotton balls. I needed to keep the ball low to avoid the wind. I like the ability to set it for a fade or Draw. These clubs are very similar tp the Speed LD.

The Buzzz Report – Cobra GOLF – L5V DRIVER | Golf Channel

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. At a glance TG Rating 3. To optimize distinct ball flights and shapes, King Cobra L5V drivers feature an exclusive hosel design that enables golfers to easily adjust from the standard factory setting 0 to an increased draw-biased setting 1.


I started out using a Cobra driver regular flex 8 years and know need stiff to keep my flight as straight as possible.

A montser for the money! The L5V is a completely different animal and plays like one as well. If you hit it middle or just above center, it takes off, goes forever and runs with it hits the ground.

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It was a great club. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. The driver is also adjustable and you dobra set it to one of two positions to encourage a straight or draw biased ball flight.

Replaced the prior model L4V, which I had used for 3 years.

Aimed at all players the L5V comes in a range of lofts from 8. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Please try again later! L5V Driver is a winner! We have great golf here almost all year long but when the wind blows a high trajectory launch is not desireable.

It also is a lower launch driver so keep that in mind when shaft hunting for a L5V. On first glance the Cobra L5V is a staggering product, which comes with a bold colour scheme and is obviously drenched with the latest of golfing technologies.

Once you get used to the sound, you’ll like it even more. The Cobra L5V is available in three different shaft configurations which will help best optimise your ball speed depending on how fast you swing the club. I really oglf that it would be hard to improve on the L4 but I was very wrong.


Chris labelled the L5V a cracking product for improvers, while Jon felt it gave a confidence boost at address. Pretty large sweet area. Forgiving is very safe to say on this driver and distance is Holy Cow. This allows golfers to straighten out their trajectory or have the option to encourage a draw when required. Cobra claim the L5V has the largest club face in golf which provides maximum COR across the face and results in am extremely high level of forgiveness.

Not only that, but the Cobra L5V driver has two adjustable shaft settings to optimise your personal ball flight! The Cobrq is around so it’s pretty forgiving on miss-hits. I can litterely swing out of my shoes and hit the ball plus. The L5 is definitely a lower spin driver and has a much flatter ball flight.