July 31, 2020

Basically I’m very happy with her, she runs Windows 98 and XP pretty well. LCD could be better response time but you can always use external display. I never noticed, but it’s probably the same. I am currently on the hunt for some DOS driver files. A year from now they will be psshawing the Raspi. The video controller has 1MB memory but the screen is x

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Ah the broad brush stroke of sensationalism and HaD uses.

Crystal ISA Sound Card (cx4235-xq3) With Game Port

Also, I wonder what the crystal frequency was if the clock went from 4. Descent and Star Control: I’d make one myself, but it should be in the first post.

Here’s some pics of mine: Board index All times are UTC. Win98 automatically created a “docked” profile for it, installing various passthrough ports drivers.

But yes, I did figure it out… repeatedly.

So here is my question: Will review it too when i’ll get it. Will provide testing results later.

Both MIDI ports are simultaneously accessible through the 5-pin DIN connectors in the front panel, with input cryshal output available for each. I have the step-down model LTE with the x 16bpp display, and it’s very crisp and clear. I recommend newer Thinkpads listed in my previous post simply for the graphics and rendering horsepower.


As the SAM also supports hardware mixing, the Windows driver allows for the use of 16 independent wave output devices which represent 2×16 channels of the synthesizer chip. What do you think of this game? And most dos games run very well under win98 i mean sound. Downsides fixable – the floppy gzmeport, Citizen W1D, has belt mechanism and I had to replace the belt; these drives are often dead after many years. More than likely it was actually an in a off brand machine.

Has 3D acceleration available through its ATI gpu under win98! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This can be achieved by simply running the file after booting and setting the volume manually, or using a typical default initialization from autoexec.

I remember doing tests many years ago myself and all the machines I tried disabled cache rather than changed clocks. That is something no man should have to live thru.

Legacy Thinkpads and DOS retrogaming – Thinkpads Forum

Probably more important things to feel butt hurt over. Some photos that one isn’t mine: Privacy policy About Vogons Wiki Disclaimers. When in doubt, check how the DOSBox people have done it. Whoa, cut the guy some slack! Retrieved from ” https: As it is a generic driver for all SAMbased cards, some of the elements in the control panel are non-functional or disabled.


My other old systems are nice but lack in one or another way. I could get a PCMCIA card for it, but the gamepprt drive is shot so I figure I’ll just get a better one maybe with a Pentiumand sell the one I have easy to sell for more than I paid for it since the hard drive had dirty pins when I got it and after a good cleaning it works great.

Raspberry Pi: the perfect machine for old DOS games

DOS drivers work flawlessly. It is an annoyance for anyone, hackaday staff or not. The main differences are the codec chip and the internal routing possibilities.