Multifunction Devices


September 5, 2020

It is nice to see all the editability. Could you put the AP on both manuals and then have one play two octaves higher than the other and thus create within the two manuals an offset 88 key piano? Clear and distinct sound. Will the modified TP-8O be showing up in everyone else’s products as well? Since it seems that we can’t buy anything for now on the Crumar website I’m in France , when the gemini tabletop will be available on the bax-shop website?

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But, all you need are pretty basic skills and a willingness to spend some xreme and you have the most customizable board possible with top-of-the-line sounds.

I decided not to stick with the HX3 organ module in lieu of the release of this. The Motif XS does some very nice acoustic pianos – we’ll see better from GSi in this regard as their library grows. The benefit for us is we’ll have access to a very unique type of instrument that Nord sells at a premium price.

XS71UV2 Diamond Xtreme Sound External USB Sound Card (XS71UV2)

Thank you for your explanation, I do know what stretch tuning is, all I wanted to say is that, in opposite to your statement “must be stretch-tuned because it’s a stringed instrument”, a Clavinet is not required to be stretch-tuned, at least according to the original xtremr.


It sucks the frames like they are icecream. No additional import charges at delivery!

Copied the decompressed file from the PC to the memory stick and then followed the remaining instructions in the readme file included in the update download. Any news on when the rack and desktop dismond will be available? So it sounds like there is between 4 and 5gb of flash RAM on the Gemini card and that ZioGuido has plans of expanding their library in the future and the Gemini card has room for it.

XS71 – DIAMOND XtremeSound PCI Channels 16 bit Sound Card

But I suspect the touch is very light and fast similar sojnd the way my VR feels and a bit lighter than my XK3. But, I can tell you that the presets sound KILLER and anyone who knows how to program synths can surely make full use of the editable parameters and pretty much program anything they want.

That’s a very competitive option vs. That’s because, other than the aftertouch strip, it is the same action and is perfectly fine and is what eiamond else uses.

Eliot’s “Prufrock” – check it out! Seems a tough choice between coming Gemini module and HX3 standalone module. I diamonf you’re taking about a Gemini equipped DMC which does have aftertouch I guess if you can’t find a TB, you can get a Diamond instead or vice versa. I can’t change Leslie speed anymore. I want to upgrade my Acoustic Piano sound. Nothing yet on the website. To combine the Mojo’s sound with the physical layout, the look, the two sets of drawbars with pedal bars and other stuff on this DMC?


A mojo type editor would also be ideal rather than having to use an ipad like device. Are these units already available?

The aftertouch strip makes it about 1 mm less deep, which, I think, would actually be a good thing. The VA sounds fantastic.

Show More Show Less. Dave Bryce, we need more advice. No B3 I’ve ever had a chance to play was newer than – so I’ve no idea about later models. Regarding the unknown device, re-installing your chipset drivers may fix it. Having said that it looks like the modular version would go great with my Mojo. I purchased a Gemini for my DMC The Wurli reed engine is separate engine, but appears to work the same way. Depends on who he can get to do the libraries and how large and layered they can be.

I am not a huge user of a soudn trumpet, for example.