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January 16, 2020

A large part of electronic industry production facilities in Poland are located in Special Economic Zones offering support during the investment process and significant tax relief for investors. Poland has been one of the relative winners during the global financial crisis and may now, in the post crisis years, offer a product which has lately been in short supply – economic stability. On the website www. Create new account Request new password. Poland is a country where the main trade and transport routes leading from the North to the South and from the West to the East of the continent intersect.

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Evatronx policy of the flexible exchange rate used by Poland proved to be a good protective shield during the financial crisis. Dubois 16 Gliwice. Stable and dynamic economic growth, sensible business decisions and the wise management of public finance have become strongly associated with Poland, not only in a political context but also in business. Deloitte, Business Sentiment Index, eedp Polish projects received total funding in excess of 18 million euros, nearly one-quarter of the total budget of the competition.

The company also provides electronic design services.

Skg Sa – Bielsko-biała (Bielsko-biała), Al. Armii Krajowej

Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Poland is in the group of countries with the highest degree of social development1 and is the leader among Central European countries in terms of the level of optimism. Fiscal prudence and keeping the economy growing in recent years have also enabled the Polish government to keep the level of public debt within reasonable limits — in the consolidated public debt of Poland amounted to Poland borders Germany to the west with a lengthy border along the Oder Riverthe Czech Republic and Evarronix to the south mountain bordersand Ukraine, Belarus and a bit of Lithuania evatroinx the east with beautiful landscapes.


In the coming years further dynamic growth of the domestic biotechnological market is expected, largely thanks to innovative research projects carried out by Polish biotech companies and academic institutions, as well as inflow of foreign investment into the biotech sector. Small and medium enterprises also signal a growing demand for software, hardware and IT services. eavtronix

The Head of State is the President, elected by a majority of the electorate for a five year term. It has resulted kets. There is exemption from income tax in Special Economic Zones and various local tax exemptions.

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. From the moment of joining the EU inall these positive trends have been strengthened further. The number of Polish employees in this sector exceeds the EU average. Financial aid based on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework is a potential source for the further development of accessibility and information infrastructure quality. Moreover, initiatives such as AREOnet www. Help with expert advice.

Evatronix announces T8051 – the world’s smallest 8051 ISA-compliant IP Core.

Over PLN 20 billion is earmarked for supporting innovativeness and advanced technologies in the Smart Growth Operational Programme alone.

Our workers are well regarded by their employers for their expertise, knowledge and industriousness. To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. The majority live in cities. It means Poland is much less dependent on changing external environments.


Poland is also an important bus producer, this sector is also mainly driven by export demand. Poland enjoys a good competitive position and high attractiveness as a production site.

Please click here to provide feedback. About Poland Poland is located in the centre of Europe, and this factor alone demonstrates the great potential of our country.

More information on Evatronix and its product portfolio can be found at the company web site: The growth of the Polish domestic market is strongly related to the increasing wealth of Polish consumers. Each year there are approximately thousand graduates available for work.

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These are the sort of reforms that need to continue in Poland. For example, a evatronis manufactured by National Semiconductor Corporation may be advertised as having a manufacturer “NAT” by one distributor, while others use either “National” or “National Semi” with still others using the full company name or the abbreviation “NSC”. At present, most of the renewable energy generation investments are in the area of wind farms.

However, it is IT services through booming outsourcing and software distribution that shows pronounced growth.