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February 6, 2020

The Managing Owner may in its discretion and under extraordinary circumstances, including, but not limited to, periods during which a settlement price of a futures contract is not available due to exchange limit orders or force majeure type events such as systems failure, natural or man made disaster, act of God, armed conflict, act of terrorism, riot or labor disruption or any similar intervening circumstance value any asset of a Master Fund pursuant to such other principles as the Managing Owner deems fair and equitable so long as such principles are consistent with normal industry standards. Thomas Nescesseties St. Natural factors would include depletion of known cost-effective sources for a commodity or the impact of severe weather on the ability to produce or distribute the commodity. Mary Bedward Enterprise St. Should a Master Fund enter into a contractual commitment to sell a physical commodity, it would be required to make delivery of that commodity at the contract price and then repurchase the contract at prevailing market prices or settle in cash. In addition, the CFTC and the exchanges are authorized to take extraordinary actions in the event of a market emergency, including, for example, the retroactive implementation of speculative position limits or higher margin requirements, the establishment of daily price limits and the suspension of trading.

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Ggoldmaster Madu Hermes Dr St. Treasury bills or other short-term fixed income securities exceeds the actual and projected fees and expenses of such Master Fund and its corresponding Fund, the Managing Owner expects periodically to make distributions of the amount of such excess. Net asset value, in respect of a Master Fund, means the total assets of the Master Fund including, but not limited to, all cash and cash equivalents or other debt securities less total liabilities of such Master Fund, each determined on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles in the United States, consistently applied under the accrual method of accounting.


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Andrew Chop Chop Enterprise St. Andrew Dynamic Lifestyle Gym St. UltraShort Natural Gas Fund. Indicates the list of goldmadter and output communications the device can support, for example 3. These Funds are subject to the correlation risks described in the preceding risk factor. Andrew Harbour View Whol St.

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If a Master Fund fails to satisfy the qualifying income exception described above other than a failure which is determined by the IRS to be inadvertent and which is cured within a reasonable period of time after the discovery of such failurethe Master Fund will be treated as if it had transferred all of its assets, subject to its liabilities, to a newly formed corporation, on the first day of the year in which it failed to satisfy the exception, in return for stock in that corporation, and then distributed that stock to the shareholders in liquidation of their interests in the company.

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Have any responsibility or liability for or make any nsv about timing, amount or pricing of shares of the Funds. The Shares may help to diversify a portfolio because historically the benchmarks underlying the Funds have tended to exhibit low to negative correlation with both equities and conventional bonds.

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The net asset value calculation of a Master Fund may be overstated or understated due to the valuation hav employed when a settlement price is not available on the date of net asset value calculation. Catherine Salon 99 St. Although Shares in a Fund need not carry any voting rights, the Trust Agreements give shareholders of each Fund voting rights in respect of the business and affairs of such Fund comparable to those typically extended to limited partners in publicly-offered futures funds.

James Orient Coaches Ltd St. Andrew Carlton Grocery St. Mary Eight Rivers Villa St. Swaps nac forward contracts are less marketable because they are not traded on an exchange, do not have uniform terms and. Ann Jian Pie Supermarket St. Each Master Fund will bear transaction costs related to swap agreements, forward contracts and futures contracts, as the case may be, as well as brokerage and other related costs related to futures transactions.

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