March 25, 2020

Increased maximum number of maps displayed. Support for new battery pack Changes made from version 5. Removed possibility of accidentally enabling ‘Lock To Roads’ when not in Automotive mode. Improved display of recommended route lines on marine charts. Added ability to select a particular map family when performing an address search. Added new distance and speed unit, nautical nm, kt, m.

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Fixed issue with Map setup that prevented the user for changing the Marine navaid symbol set. Fixed problem with TracBacks on large saved tracks. Improved compatibility with MB data card Gpsmpa unit behavior when a blank data card is inserted Improved display of battery charge level Changes made from version 5.

Corrected display of map outlines. Changed to use 24×24 custom waypoint symbol in connection with xImage. Reviewer Nickname Leave blank for anonymous.

Fixed ‘lock to road’ option so unit remembers user’s changes to it. Added support for latest Garmin map technology. Fixed problem where ‘Searching’ text would be displayed without results when performing a ‘find’.


Fixed problem that may have occurred when swapping cards during a simulated route. Darkened Automotive mode Metro Area colors in Night mode. Added ability to quickly select entire track for use with TracBack.

Fixed waypoint category highlight error when dealing with a large category list. Ussb email will not be publicly posted. Describe the question or issue you have. Fixed problem with entering dates on the Sun and Moon page.

Removed possibility of accidentally enabling ‘Lock To Roads’ when not in Automotive mode. By downloading, installing, or using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the following license agreement.

Open the self-extracting archive file and follow the instructions provided by the update application.

Garmin USB Sync Data Cable for GPS 60tm GPSMAP 276c 278

Fixed problem with autoroute icon not showing up for all saved autoroutes. Added support for auto CDI scale setting. Change History Changes made from version 5. Fixed TracBack operation for large tracks. You are currently logged in as a guest. Corrected invalid display of Next Turn data field.

Garmin USB Sync Data Cable for GPS 60tm GPSMAP c | eBay

This 2-pack lets you get one for home and one for the office at a low price. Improved handling and display of routes created on the PC and transferred to the unit. Garmin does not warrant the performance of the software or that the software will meet your requirements or operate error free.


We have no open box units available at this time. Added choice to Routes Setup to transition waypoints by distance when navigating a manual route.

Fixed problem with Calendar Day page not always displaying the items. You further acknowledge that the structure, organization, and code of the Software are valuable trade secrets of Garmin and that the Software in source code form remains a valuable trade secret of Gpsmal.

Changed metro area color to improve visibility. Added range tick marks to heading line. Corrected hilight movement problem on proximity waypoint page. Corrected external voltage alarm persistent behavior between power cycles.