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February 8, 2020

Loop the twisted wires once around the front of the valve while attaching it to the main board by means of the adhesive pad on the new main board. Liftgate Standard Curbside Delivery: Keep this instruction manual for future reference. Remove temp assembly three screws from the current rear cover. Battery at end of life. The IQvitals and IQvitals PC devices contain a lithium ion battery and electronic circuit boards that should not be incinerated, crushed, disassembled or exposed to extreme heat.

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This manual contains important safety and operating information in order to prevent accidents!

IQvitals Supplies by Midmark

Then, install the new input panel by replacing the screws and reconnecting the manifold. The touch panel calibration sequence will automatically restart if calibration is not successful.

Plug the valve into the connector and twist several times to wrap the two wires securely together. Neonatal patients Apnea monitoring In a magnetic resonance imaging MRI environment In an electro-static unit ESU environment Applications requiring arrhythmia detection warning IQvitals is not intended for use during patient transport.

Remove the current display. Replace the SD card and reattach usg processor board to the main board using the three screws. Remove the NIBP manifold by unplugging it from all connections.


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Wait iiqvitals seconds after powering on device or connecting to device. To secure the main board back on front bezel: If scale is out of range contact Midmark Support Services atoption 2, for further information.

The carrier will only remove the goods from the liftgate only, you will still be responsible for bring the items into your facility.

After the screw has been put in: Check cuff for proper fit. Speaker Verify that the speaker sounds when the SpO 2 finger clip is attached to your finger and is sensed by the device.

An accuracy check of the Fairbanks scale should be conducted annually. If the sensor is in a place ussb it may be exposed to bright light, cover it with opaque material.

Maintenance The Cordless Tire Inflator is designed to function without difficulty for a long time with minimum maintenance. Remove the detergent from the product using a cloth dampened in distilled water. If connected, scale should power on and show weight in its local display. Both devices can connect to select digital scales.


Refer to the Operation Manual for Settings information.

Be careful to line up pins exactly. Device is no longer powered on.

Iqvitals Zone Wireless USB Dongle by Midmark

Pass the speaker and temperature cables through the opening at the bottom corner. Can t delete patient readings from memory or change device settings. It has a 3 year accidental drop warranty. Disconnect the unit from the wall outlet. Reassembly ivqitals Replacing the Main Board Step 6: Check the BP hose for damage or kinks.

Non SpO2 The input panel may vary slightly, depending on the unit model. Remove the two screws holding the input panel in place. A-4 Communication Issues with IQmanager An accuracy check of the BP pressure transducer and a leak test should be conducted annually.

Ask patient to stand in the middle of the scale. No part of this publication may be excerpted, reproduced, translated or utilized in any form or by iqvitwls.