January 17, 2020

Thank you for all your hard work Andreas. Anonymous January 4, at 2: Dmitry November 16, at 8: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. I just double checked, that is correct.

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RAID Controller | 4 port SATA & 1 port PATA PCI Express Card – Marvell 88SE | SATA2-PCIE1X11

Hi Jorge, see my comment here. I feel like the install would detect that there’s an ESXI installed somewhere and then ask if I want to update it. Anonymous February 5, at 6: Anonymous January 1, at It’s strange, because at DX79SR is only two! Make sure that you have configured it for pure AHCI mode! That was of no importance to me though. The sata-xahci package will not help you then.

I’ve found one or two reviews that had problems with it, but I think they were trying to pass through the entire onboard SATA controller and use the add-on card for datastores or something along those lines.


Googling these drives everyone seems to be having trouble. You won’t be able to use the RAID functionality of this device see section “Read before commenting” in my post. Marvell doesn’t provide public information for these chipsets on their website. Anonymous February 7, at 4: Hi Andreas, Would you please add support for the following Mac Mini 3,1?

And yes, with ESXi-Customizer you can add multiple packages only one after the other. For Marvell the 88SE91xx chips, there is a product brief document. Hi cacahue, you don’t need to install the vib file to make it available for passthrough. Anonymous December 17, at Do you know why? Email me about io to this bug report.

SATA Controllers

Here’s my output, I’d be really happy if you could assist me! This bug was reported a while ago and there hasn’t been any activity in it recently. Hi Andreas, I have a short question about your changes to the driver. Glenn C December 18, at 7: I’m now back to using esxi v5.


Hi Jay, you probably have already installed the package before!? Sandro, Jay, have you rebooted the host after the installation?

This was so much help. Anonymous January 6, at 5: Still no luck on getting the disks detected. Anonymous November 13, at 8: From a terminal window please run: Dear sir, Would you please add this one? I have no idea why the disks attached to them do not show up.

Spunk, have you installed my sata-xahci package? Szabocls Illes March 18, at 1: Test with newer development kernel 3.