February 2, 2020

The driver seems to be included correctly into the image logs show that the controller is available , but the system has problems to detect the attached device. Anonymous January 19, at 8: Extract and copy all driver VIBs into a Folder. Andreas, I also have the following on my board: Anonymous January 16, at 2: Hi Andreas, thank you for your response!

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Dmitry November 18, at 7: Well, at least of the things that seemed like they’d be relevant to the controller There was a lot of side stuff about the Motherboard North and South bridges.

I really don’t understand how it works, so Details are available here: Todd November 9, at 2: Thank you for your reply Andreas, I’ve since moved on to a Marvwll r machine for my testing with the correct raid drivers provided.

Submit a new link. It helped quite alot!!!

Marvell 88E PCIe on ESXi 5 |VMware Communities

Andreas Peetz February 20, at 8: Host is not changed. I tried yesterday, but then I got an error message during startup. Andreas Peetz November 15, at 8: Hi Alex, this one is already supported out-of-the-box, and your output shows that the controller marvll already configured as [vmhba0]. Do I only have to change the Class of the card from to or there is more to it?


Andreas Peetz December 6, at 8: The spam filter can get a bit ahead of itself. Rene December 24, at 6: Is you SSD attached to one of these controllers or do you have another disk controller that is not listed?

Hi Ez-Aton, I added this controller in version 1. Hi Trak, try to check and change the queue depth by following instructions in http: Hi Anonymous, it sounds like you are using this controller for passthrough to a VM right? I’ve also found other reviews such as those in the Newegg link above that says it works natively with ESXi 5. Any insight on this thing?

ESXI Unsupported Marvel NIC : vmware

Hi Chad, I added the SB in version 1. Does this make a difference? I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your help!

Is it possible to create a vib for this controller? That being said, would the rest of the drives work or just a single gb after updating? Thanks for all your help, SimonZ.


Marvell 88SE9172 VIB for esx 5.5 ?

Recently, I gave up and used a different card solo x1 with an asmedia chipset that works fine thanks to your sata-xahci. Realtek Gigabit Ethernet 10ec: Motherboard with vmhba1 and vmhba33 but no devices attached.

I have no idea why you do not see the disks attached to it if any?! I can see the sata-sah file becomes loaded but no response from the tested harddisk connected to to 1 of the 6gb sata interface My marvell shows: Anyone got this working on ESXi 5, and able mwrvell point a newbie in right direction?

If this does not produce any output then run “lspci -v” and paste the complete output here.