January 26, 2020

Hi My phone is N China phone. According to alexaglob , he use the multimeter as a jumper so that means to say you can just use any wires Also is there any cheat codes and a complete english manual. I also don’t have fernly working on the yet, due to the lack of docs. Haven’t found a spec on the MT, what are the main differences?

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Having said that, not all MT65xx device has this feature The older versions of this software dont seem to be working with the new OS. It also has a TV built in. Android Apps and Games.

Hi i have chiness n85 phone. Please help me in this regards.

MTK USB Serial Drivers Download

They have stuff to download for chines mobile but its all in chines language. If you have a serial port and you get the Bootloader screen, then you should be able to use the fernly-usb-loader to load fernly into the watch, and afterwards you can use the flashrom to flash the rom through fernly:. But its only run in read-only mode.


Nice article about the Chinese Mobile. Actually no, you just need to boot Linux, build fernly, boot it, and then either be back to Haiku hacking, or stay with fernly hacking for a while. Frnds, MY MT has got some probs.

I have had feedback from fellow xda member it actually works! MY MT has got some probs. Is there a work around to install J2ME games?

[GUIDE] How to ‘unbrick’ your Mediatek MT65x… | Android Development and Hacking

You are not logged in. I will most thankfull to you. Of course, that rules out most of Asia.

I too am looking at changing themes and installing games…. If I get a manual link also would be gr8. No point doing this if you don’t have it Was wondering if you know anything about that.

Smart watch with an MT (Page 1) — Hardware — Kosagi Forums

Wissim there are 3 sites that were already saved as bookmarks in my N Smart watch with an MT If I can xpu a small implementation of Forth with it that may be enough. My advice to above all bloggers…. The only other exception is that some companies sell IDs to smaller manufacturers e.


If an removing the sim and pressing the powerit is working.

Okh People I think I have got it. If i try and play a MPEG4 or.

MT6227 Drivers and pc sync “Chinese Phones”

Any one knows how to read Chinese? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am very and sad. I have mmt6227 the programs but cant install the drivers.

Problem is only 1 sime is working properly sim mt62227 2 is not workin when i try to call 2nd sim or any body call me on sim 2 i unable to pick this call kindly solve this problem. Also is there any cheat codes and a complete english manual.